Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Wow, the weeks just keep going by so fast. Crazy stuff. So this week we have been traveling like crazy. We went up to a town called Hämeenlinna for splits with another set of elders and it went great! We tracted into this lady from peru that apparently pulled her papers a long time ago, and wow can she talk fast. Then that same day we got invited over to this lutheran church by some guy on the street. We were just kind of explaining about the church, and then the guy started getting really negative about our church. And then he was like... this is why I wanted to invite you guys over, and then reaches over and grabs the tablecloth on the table and pulls it back and there is anti mormon literature there. It was so funny because he treated it like it was going to be a hidden monster in a closet. Anyway after that he proceeded for like an hour telling us how hard hearted we were and that we need to open our eyes to the truth. Then there were some girls behind us that kept talking about us in finnish how they want to come to america with us, and they didnt realize we knew finnish. It was a really long hour, but we bore powerful testimonies and there was nothing he could do about that.  But basically after the splits we took a long bus ride home, did some weekly planning and then headed back to hämeenlinna to spend the night because the next day at 3:30 we had to get up to catch a train that was going to tampere, because Elder Johnson of the seventy was coming for mission tour.  That was a really long day waking up at 3:30 but it was a good mission tour and I got to see all my previous companions there.  Other then that we are going hiking with a recent convert of ours today. sorry I cant upload any pictures because the computers here are being dumb so I will have to next week.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Ford

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