Thursday, October 13, 2016

9/6/16: The fall be coming

Wow, so I realized that there is only 2 weeks left of this transfer. In case you forgot the transfers are 9 weeks instead of 6, but this one has gone insanely fast.  To be honest I hardly remember what happened this past week. I guess one thing that sticks out was we tracted into this man, his name is Eric. He is a wonderful christian guy and he agreed to have us come back. We came back and taught him the restoration and I have never seen a guy that it made so much sense to.  It was insane how well he understood it. During part of the lesson he even stopped us and said, so your telling me that God appeared to Joseph Smith in the woods? And to be honest I was getting ready to defend/bear pure testimony because every other time someone has said that to me it meant that they couldnt believe it. But then he said, that makes 100% sense because god follows that same pattern in the bible so why not today. He said before we came back that first time he had prayed to God and asked if we should come back and his answer was Yes, let these young men come back. He can recognize the holy ghost incredibly well.  

Other then that, I can hardly remember what happened haha..  We got to take care of our recent converts cats which was nice, because over my mission I have been having cat withdrawals because I miss them so much. However his cats don't really let us pet them that much. We also found a cat on the street yesterday that let us pet him and he does the same jump thing that chester did. The weird thing its really rare to see animals on the street here in Finland because its illegal here in finland to leave cats or dogs outside because obviously they will freeze to death, so I have seen like 3 dogs and cats in my time here in Finland that didn't have there owner standing right next to them.  

Other then that, after this I am going to a restaurant with some members in the ward and doing a hot sauce food challenge! Basically if you finish off the platter of food, you get it for free, if not its 18 euros. wish me luck!!!! 

Elder Ford

The castle picture is from a town next to the one I am serving in right now. A town called hämeenlinna.

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