Thursday, October 13, 2016

9/27/16: Kajaani

Well its my first week in Kajaani. I received a free bike in my last city( I have never needed to buy a bike my whole mission) because this is a biking city. Anyway the bike I received for free was built by another missionary, and yea.... it was a piece of junk. But I found a new bike for 40 euros from some really kind old man who just fixes up bikes and sells them to people, and also helps out the refugees here a lot!

oh yea, my new companion is Elder Naylor. He is a really cool guy from Utah, we get along great.

But since I have come here, we have found some new investigators. Ones man name is Toni, he is a finn here. Very nice guy and he came to church last week. So there was about 15 people in church last week. I had to translate for another one of our investigators, it was pretty hard because the speakers were reading there talks from the paper. Its so weird to translate because you split your brain in half, one side english, the other finnish.  We also tracted into a lady, her name is Charity. We taught her yesterday it went great. There is a member who lives here from Arizona, he is married to a finn, he is a really cool guy and he came and helped us out. 

But other then that it has been a solid week!!! 

Hope everyone has a great week!!! 

Elder Ford.

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