Thursday, October 13, 2016

10/11/16: Travel, Travel

Well this week I went through 26 hours of travel. I love Kajaani, but one down side of it, it has the longest travel in the mission because it is so far away from everyone. Twice this week I had to wake up at 430, to catch a 540 bus to Oulu, and then I took a 7 hour train ride down to Helsinki because there was a leadership meeting this week. So it was a TON of travel, we hardly got to do any work in our area.  We have been really focusing on following up with everyone in the area book, and this week I sat down with the 1st councelor and went over everyone in the branch and were going to do our best to get in contact in some shape or form with Less actives and also the active branch members. But this week were back so we have a full week of work which is great!  

Sorry I dont have any pictures because my screen camera broke, so I thought I was getting some pictures but I dont have any -,,-.  But yea, Ill get some next week. Have an amazing week!

Elder Ford

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