Sunday, August 28, 2016

8/2/16: MLC, Finding, and Mökki

So last pday I got to hang out at a summer cottage with our recent convert. It was super fun, except I just had to watch him swim and sauna.... but we still had a lot of fun!!! 

Wednesday and thursday I went down to helsinki for a leadership meeting. I got to go to the temple which was super nice!  

Me and my companion have been doing a lot of finding and have been able to meet some super cool people. We tracted into this guy who had been taught in 2002, by antti Patamo and he still had a pic of him! it was way cool..

Other then that those are the highlights. Sorry if it seems these emails are getting shorter, because they are. After a year and a half of them it can start to become a chore to write them, so I just list the highlights.. 

Have a good week!

Elder Ford

This first pic accurately represents what most people facial expressions are here when we talk to them here. Second is at the mökki.

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