Sunday, August 28, 2016


Great week this week. We have been continuing to do a lot of finding. Recently my investigator from china who left about 3 months ago has come back and came to church this last week! She even brought me back official metal chopsticks from china. There super sweet. We also had zone leader splits that went well. During it we contacted a women who was wearing sunglasses, and started talking to her about the gospel, and she took off her sunglasses and she had a purple eye and she said she needed to go to the doctor because her boy friend had hit her:( super sad what satan can drive us to do.  Also while tracting we got stuck in this backyard somehow and we had to climb under a fence and my zone leader companion kinda got stuck under it. It was pretty funny.  . We got to teach some Jehovah Witnesses. Also this week, Vanhin Parsons and I tracted into this man who apparently was a member and we didnt know it when he invited us in, and then proceeded to tell us for about an hour all this crazy doctorine like satan is progressing on another planet and his influence doesnt touch us here.. Its kinda sad because his whole family is active, except him and he refuses to come back to church. 

But other then that we have a lot of cool potentials. This week however we will hardly be in our area since we will be doing splits tommorrow up in a town called hämeenlinna, and then there is a mission conference tour going up in tampere.

Hope everyone has a great week

Elder Ford

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