Friday, August 26, 2016

7/5/16: Baptism,4thofjuly, service

Happy 4th to everyone!!!! It was a great day to remember out countries independance. For the 4th Vanhin Buhler and I went out to an American Diner to eat. It was alright, definately not like back at home. But the worst part about it is they charged me 1 euro for the ice water! Thats not american at all!!! they didnt even ask if I wanted it, they just set it on the table and you assume its free but not here!  We also went to this killer 4th of july party at an americans house. There are a couple of Americans in lahti and they got together and celebrated and it was so fun. It was so weird to have so many americans together, hear american accents, and its so weird how outgoing and loud americans are. When you live around Finns for a year and a half, they are super quiet and hardly talk so you get overwhelmed when your by a lot of americans again haha...

So our investigator Valterri got baptized!!! It went super well!!! A ton of people showed up, and the service went perfect. It was so amazing seeing the change in him. The past 4 months I have been working with him he went from Athiest to someone who has a strong testimony and desire to be like Jesus Christ! He is super cool! He is 23 and he is one of my best friends here in Finland!  I had the opportunity to confirm him in sacrament meeting and give him the holy ghost. That was my first confirmation ever and it was in Finnish so that was cool. I know how to do a confirmation better in Finnish then english haha.  So much adversity has happened while teaching him, went from not getting baptized at all, to having a desire, then dropping again, and then a blessing of healing which worked, and now he finally entered the waters of baptizm. Quite the journey, but it went amazing.  The spirit was great there.

Other then that we have done a lot of service this week. We helped 2 members move which was great to be able to do some service.  For pday we also played on this huge frisby golf course they have here, but it kinda sucked because are frisbys are terribly cheap..

Other then that have a wonderful week!


Elder Ford

PS: if your wondering why my hair is so short, I messed up on my haircut so I had to give myself a buzz cut...

The american lunch we had.

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