Friday, August 26, 2016

6/28/16: Juhannus Päivä

Hey everyone, 

Great week this week. Been pretty crazy. Friday and Saturday was Juhannus Day, so basically its the day that the sun never sets, which basically gives everyone permission to get hammered, so we werent allowed to do finding on that day. But we did get to be with some interesting people though!
Yesterday, we went with some Jehovah Witnesses we met tracting to there Valtakunta (I think its called kingdom hall in english).  That was interesting. There really nice folks and we got to talk to them for a bit which was nice.  

We did a lot of finding because a lot of our investigators are out for the summer.  We met an American from Boston, who we are going to go over and teach sometimes this week. She knows Amber, so that was cool. Small world.  

Also, we made some homemade rootbeer with a family for a Dinner appointment, and I put what the instructions said of sugar in it, but those are american instructions, so it was WAY to sweet haha. There is so much less sugar in drinks in europe.  

But this Saturday we are planning for Valterris baptism so pray that all goes well. We are going to hangout with him today for pday. Its going to be fun!

Hope everyone has an amazing week!

Elder Ford

Juhannus Bonfire, and a Member family who I stumped with my object lesson...

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