Tuesday, August 23, 2016

6/7/16: Short Email this Week

What up fam. Sorry this email is going to be a shortie because I have a meeting I have to go down to in Helsinki so I have to go take a train. and I have like 20 minutes to email.  But its been a great week. I have my new companion Elder Buhler because of the emergency transfer, it was sad to have Elder Aldous leave, we were only together 2 weeks but we had a lot of fun together.  But we have been teaching a lot this week, our investigator Petri who I found my 3rd day here in Lahti FINALLY came to church, had a good time.  We have been having some pretty crazy teaching experiences with our investigator fahad haha. Lets just say it can be everything from teaching lessons in a bar, to helping his old granny friends, to the craziest of stories...

But anyway I have to go down to Helsinki. Super excited because I get to see my 2nd companion in the field Elder Bascom, who is doing a internship here in Helsinki and a ton of other friends in my Helsinki area I served in!

Elder Ford

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