Sunday, August 14, 2016

3/29/16: Hyvää Pääsiaistä

Really great week this week. We have been very busy, able to teach 18 lessons, so we have been constantly busy lately. Right now we have 14 investigators, we were able to find 3 new ones this week. One really cool investigator is from china! She came to church with us, and I convinced her if I went up to bear my testimony, she would to! So she went and it was so good! I asked one of the bishopric to translate it into finnish because she was saying it in English, and she forgot to stop talking to let him translate, so she just talked in english the whole time and the look on the bishoprics face was so funny.  Shes really cool tho! We are also meeting with an Older lady who has been investigating the church for some time. I call her my Mummo, or finnish for grandma. She is such a sweet lady.  We have challenged her to baptism, and that she can get her answer after general conference. Cant believe its been 6 months since last general conference!
Also this week in Lahti was this amazing Jesus Christ ministry reenactment. It was very well done!!!  Finland picks one city a year to do it in, and this easter they picked lahti. Basically the reenactment happened around town so everyone just followed christ around. 
Things are looking really good here. The work is definately moving forward here!!
Elder Ford

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