Sunday, August 21, 2016

5/31/16: The prayer of healing, Emergency transfers, How to find your investigator an apartment, 5eurohobobag, free bikes

Moro Perhe and ystaviä, 

It was a good week this week. So Elder Aldous and I have been having a blast together. We finish each others sentences in lessons, and we have done a lot of good work and have had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, Sunday we get a call from President, and something happened somewhere else so Elder Aldous is moving up North, and my new companion will beElder Buhler. I went on splits with him his first day in the country so it will be sweet to see the growth in him..  Its sad to see Elder Aldous go, but it is what it is..  But I am staying here in Lahti, which I am super happy about because I love this area and ward. (BTW family, has Amber moved in yet down the street, she left last tuesday so she should be back). 

Anyway super great week this week. The first thing that happened was I mentioned how last week I gave my investigator who should be going to baptism soon a blessing last week because he was sick and had mono. Well in the blessing it was promised that he would get better by the end of last week, and me saying that even suprised me because the doctors told him atleast 3 weeks, and when I saw him he was in pretty bad shape, his throat was really swollen and could hardly talk.  Well we visited yesterday... and well he was all better. He is a little tired still from the Mono, but besides that he is fully recovered..  It was crazy to see!!! The gift of healing does work, even in finnish haha!!  That was a really tender mercy from the Lord.  

Our other invesigator fahad cant get baptized because right now he doesnt have a recidency permit, and he couldnt find an apartment. So this week I did some calling around to some friends I have made here in Lahti, and I found him an apartment and he moved in this last week! He is basically our neighbor now!!! Such a cool guy.  
There is also this really cool place in town where I can buy a 5 euro bag of food, I get a ton of food, so a ward member and I are going there and will be giving some food to some people in need.  
Another cool thing this week is we found two pretty decent bicycles in the trash. They need a little fixing up but there nice bikes, and Im thinking of fixing them up and giving it so some friends. 

Other then that the work here is going great! Valterri should be going to baptism soon, and we have some other great progressors. The Lord has been very mercicul here in Lahti..! 

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