Sunday, August 14, 2016

5/9/16: 100 Books of Mormon

Well.... basically this week my companion and I had the opportunity to hand out 102 Books of Mormon. It was literally the most exhausting week of my life. We were doing the math, we had to atleast talk to 1200 people, most of course were no´s, and cold shoulders, maybe a few birds were packed in there. It was also definately one of the lasagna most fulfilling weeks of my mission. We met so many cool people, including this hilarious ripped dude from Iraq. Me and him are the same age, but he looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger haha.  He is super cool, and he came to church this last week and absolutely loved it, and said our doctorine is so logical.  We also got a ton of other potentials this week that we have to follow up with from the non stop street contacting this week we did.   7 hours a day all week of straight street contacting walking in circles. Lets just say we became pretty acquainted with some of the common city dwellers. But it was a successful week.

We were also able to set a baptisimal date with another of our investigators named Ansi for June, He came to church for the first time yesterday.

We also went to bird watching with one of our investigators. It was sweet! The tower was super high!!  

Hope everyone has a good week!!!


Elder Ford  

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