Sunday, August 14, 2016

3/22/16: New area, new baptismal date, small world

Hyvä huomenta,

So the new area I am in is called lahti, its a super cool town, and the ward is really awesome. I realized since I have been in the big city the past 8 months how much more people are willing to listen to you in the small city.  My new companion, Elder Robison is really cool, he is from Ephraim, Utah.   The first day I showed up we were able to set a baptismal date with a a man named Valterri. He is a super cool guy who is dating a member here, for april. Its a great area to, when I showed up there were 9 investigators and on the way to teaching those we found 2 more on the way.  

So I found out how small the world can really be.  So a lady named Amber Kelly who is a ward member here, an american married to a finnish guy, apparently lived 5 doors down from my house in riverton. Her parents are still living there.  There the house right at the corner of our street next to jeff and the empty lot, but on the stowes street.  She knows several people in the ward because they lived and went to our ward in 2010 when they lived in Utah. I found out even that brother antti patomo, the husband, went on a camping trip with all the youth in 2010, a klondike, when I was a teacher so he came with me on the campout! I am not sure if you remember the potomos dad and mom?  She says that she knows the simms to because natalie simms used to babysit over at her parents place! Small world!!! But there moving back to utah in september so Ill have someone to practice finnish with when I get back. Amber speaks incredible finnish.

But its been a really great new week in the first area. Right now were just trying to contact everyone in the area book, and we have had success with that so far all ready.
It was sad leaving the last area, but this area is super cool!!


Elder Ford

The pics are of one of my former investigators and really good friends jari, another one of my investigators in tikkurila who is super great, and then the Iswariah family who is in the ward in haaga, who I love a lot!  Then Rocky, the coolest guy around

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