Sunday, August 21, 2016

5/24/16: Kesä

Well this week has felt like it has gone by in a blur! Not to much to report. Yesterday I got to give a blessing to my investigator in Finnish, that was fun. Right now he wants to get baptized, but he has mono, but I felt very confident with the blessing that I gave him so we will see how that goes.  I have my new companion, his name is Elder Aldous, he is awesome, very outgoing so we get along great.  Right now were just doing a lot of finding. However, the thing I have dreaded all year is coming to pass. Summer. And that sounds really weird but let me tell you a little about Finnish summers. As a normal person there the best thing ever. Beautiful Weather, lots of traveling, and TONS of concerts. As a missionary. not so much. Basically in the summer all the cities abandon and become ghost towns. The students go back home. Everyone leaves finland and goes to tropical places. Its crazy. So well see how that plays out. Well find people in the knooks and crannies of the city:)  

We also had a really cool lesson with an investigator where he told us his conversion to christ, how he used to be involved in all sorts of witch craft. Very powerful conversion story.  This week I also had a really cool experience. We stopped a lady on the street but all she could speak was Russian. She needed help getting somewhere but there was no way we could explain to her how to get there because of the language barrier. We were walking away and my companion had an idea to call the bishop, who then referred us to someone in the ward that can speak russian.  We didnt know where the lady was that we talked to so I said a prayer, and I had the strong impression to go one way, and we ended up finding her. So the spirit is always there to help us if we are listening.  

We also tracted into someone that let us in saying that he needed help overcoming his drug addiction so we will see how that goes!

Elder Ford

PS:  Amber Patomo left yesterday Mom and Dad, so She is delivering the mothers day present I told you about. She should be in Utah thursday. So sad she left:( if you need to remember what she looks like see the attached photo below haha!

The other photo is me and bill, he is a super cool guy I have had the privilege to teach.

The other photo is of me and my boi Fahad! Me and him are the same age. and he is ripped! He is actually a bodybuilder. He wants to be baptized, he know the book of mormon is true, he just needs to find a place soon and then he can be!

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