Sunday, August 14, 2016


Great week this week. Highlight of the week is I got to see my boy Andy Mccoy haha! I havent been able to see that dude since last summer, because he went on tour and then I left Helsinki. I was in Helsinki for a quick stop and so I thought I might say Hi to the guy. Let me tell you, if there was an autobiography by him I would definately read it. The stories he tells to us are hilarious, you literally see it all as a rockstar. 

So this week my companion and I goaled to hand out a 100 book of mormons so hopefully all goes well. Yesterday we gave out 28, it was sooo exhausting, but very rewarding and we set up several lessons on the way, and there was a guy we talked to on the street that told us how thankful he was for our service and how jealous he was of us, but he still wouldnt take a Book of Mormon XD  But hopefully well achieve our goal! 

Our progressors continue to do well. Were meeting with a guy named valterri who wants to get baptized soon, he just feels like he needs his testimony to keep growing so were definately banking off the power of the Book of Mormon.

Have an amazing week to all!

Elder Ford

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