Sunday, August 14, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

Great week, Catherine came to church and played the piano in sacrement! She also agreed to live the word of wisdom, so everything is going great with that for her baptism. Also we have 2 others that are also progressing very well towards baptism. We have been doing a lot of Area book work lately and this week we finally followed up with everyone in our area book so now we have a lot more time to find since we have been thinning our investigator pool to find more solid people.  We got to go on splits yesterday which was really fun. We ran into some Jehovah witnesses tracting to in our same building which was interesting. We exchanged cards... We also got to find 2 new investigators this week. One was a russian whos uncle is actually mormon in the Ukraine, Kiev.  (sorry robert not your area) 

Our church also put on the Meet the Mormons with street advertisements and everything. Not to many people showed up, but one of our investigators did and really enjoyed it!  

Also we went out to eat with my favorites the Patamos at this new american diner! Good News Mom and Dad! They might rent out her parents home in Utah, so they will be our neighbors for a while!!!!!! but its still a maybe


Elder Ford

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