Sunday, August 14, 2016


Dear Family and friends,

Really great week this week. We have been teaching a lot, and most of our investigators are doing really well. We had a powerful lesson last night with someone who had left there baptismal date, and she recommitted to come to church. The spirit was very strong.  Also,  we have been able to teach all of our progressing investigators which have all been very powerful lessons.  This week we have been also doing a lot of less active following up on, and have been I guess you could say weeding out the investigators with no desire to learn, so it gives us more time to find those who want to change! Sorry, I ran out of time at the library again, its hard to respond to everybodys emails! thanks for all the love and support


Elder Ford

Some sweet Ski Jumps in lahti.  '
and creepy statue

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