Sunday, August 28, 2016

8/9/16: Old people marriage, and russian orthodox church

Well this week has been super good for sure.

Some highlights,

So, our investigator who has been fearful of going to baptism because her family is supportive of her....  well a member we have been bringing on lessons to her is proposing to her and there getting married, and she is getting baptized because, well now her soon to be husband is getting baptized! but there is not an official marriage date yet..  But they are literally my adopted grandparents, there the funniest couple ever!!!

We also got to go to a Russian Orthodox church, that was interesting. Someone we met while contacting invited us there, so we went, it was really interesting! We also found a couple of new investigators this week, one is Helluntai, and the other two are from africa, one plays american football.  

We also got to do some good old service helping a member out at his place which was good.

Hope everyone has a good week!!!

Elder Ford.

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