Sunday, August 14, 2016



Finally this week we got the clearance that we can finally take off our suitjackets since its getting kind of hot and now we dont have to roast. Good week, been finding a lot since our progressing investigators were all busy this week or sick. We had a really really good lesson however with a guy named Petri. We thought we were going to drop him since it wasnt going anywhere, but then we decided just one more lesson and we started reading the Book of Mormon, and his entire heart change and now he loves meeting with us. It was a really cool thing to see.  We also had Zone meeting this week which was really good to see everyone, however I am starting to lose track of people, shows I am getting old in the Mission. Transfers are here and I am getting Elder Aldous, I think hes from Oregon, and I am staying in Lahti which is really good because I love this place!!! We also brought cookies that I made to a former investigator yesterday, and then a member who is friends with her on facebook showed us a post she made an hour later saying she was having a terrible day and then godsent people made her day. Just a reminder we can always do that. 
Have an amazing week!


Elder Ford 

Fishing for pday. We only had a broomhandle and some string and a hook.... didnt catch anything:(

also, pictures of lahti, and the lake in our town. From winter to summer, all in the same change since I have been here. Finnish sunsets are the best.

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