Monday, January 23, 2017

12/6/16: Freezer of afflictions

Well. so right now its -22 degrees, and climbing. So its kinda chili, especially on bikes.  But its fun. So this past week I was in helsinki for 3 days for a leadership meeting, it was great to see a ton of my old companions.  If you havent seen it already, #lighttheworld, on  

But this week has been good. Our investigator came to church again and agreed to be in the christmas program as a singer so that was pretty sweet. Our other awesome investigator didnt get to come, unfortuaneltly because she had the flu.  But we got to meet with some members and investigators this week which was great even with the shortened work week.

Today is itsenäisyyspäivä, or in english, independence day. They had a huge military purade this morning. It was kinda sad, there was a ton of military soldiers in line, and its so cold some were passing out in line haha. I didnt have my camera on me so I didnt manage to get any pictures, but it was a cool display. And they were giving out a ton of hot pea soup for free, which is a very common dish in the finnish military.  Im thankful our independence day is in the summer, not going to lie haha.  

But the works going great.  Have a wonderful week!!

Elder Ford

Sorry for no pictures. My companion left his camera in kuopio, and my camera is partially broken -.-

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