Monday, January 23, 2017

11/29/16: SO MUCH TRAVEL and a cool miracle story

Dear family and friends.

Wow. So last week I picked up the person I am training from Helsinki. The travel from Kajaani to Helsinki is about 8 hours. From there I got to do splits in my old area of Neitsytpolku in Helsinki. It was AWESOME.  We ended up finding a way cool couple, the guy is from Australia, and he is married to a finn, and they thanked us sooo much for coming over and sharing the message of the restored gospel with them. I was way jealous that they got to teach them later on but its all good.  I got to see some members that I became friends with in Helsinki. Then we took a night train (which is actually my first night train) up to Oulu to have district mtg.  So it was about 18 hours of round travel. Well this week I am going back down to Helsinki to go to a leadership meeting and now I have another 18 hrs of roundtravel. and that doesnt account for the 6 hours of round travel we did yesterday to district mtg and back.  So basically like this whole week is taken up by travel because I dont get back until Friday. Kajaani is the farthest out in the middle of place in the mission so the traveling times can be quite extensive. But other then that it has been awesome! 

WOW. Miracle story of the week!!! Ok, so we found Anne when we were going through old potential lists and found her name. She was a found potential almost 2 years ago but nothing really happened. So we went back. We set up a lesson, and since then have had 3 lessons. She is doing so well. We showed her the christmas video last week, and she started crying. Yesterday she came to the thanksgiving party and loved it! Last night we sent her a scripture text with some scriptures and she sent a text back and said that she was so excited for her kids to go to sleep so she could start reading some book of mormon that night. Right now she is in 2 nephi. She is doing so well, and the branch has embraced her with loving arms. But the biggest miracle is the day BEFORE we came she had prayed and asked god to show her the way because she recognized in her church that she didnt feel the spirit. It has just been a privelage to teach her. 

My new trainees name is Elder Bowen. He is from Hooper Utah, he is super cool, we get along awesome. His finnish is great and he works super hard. We are going to have an awesome transfer together!

Other then that this past week our investigator Jenni came to church and also yesterday to the branch thanksgiving party. We have a thanksgiving party here because we have 3 americans in the ward. Us, and our ward mission leader who is actually originally from Mexico but grew up in Arizona and married a finn. 

But the work is going well!  Hope everyone has a great week! This past week it dropped down to -17 degrees so its gettin a bit chilly and it snowed A TON.



I forgot my camera this week so I dont have any pics. Have an amazing week!

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