Monday, January 23, 2017

11/8/16: Lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottoriapumekaanikkoaliupseerioppilas.

If you're wondering what that scribble of words at the top of the screen is. Its supposidely one of the longest finnish words which is really just a compound word that means.   airplane jet turbine engine auxiliary mechanic non-commissioned officer student.

So yea.

Anyway this week has gone SO fast. its been really good and super busy.  

So Brother Toni could very well be baptized this coming saturday. We will see, but if not things are going very well with him. He has a huge desire to be. We had a really good Dinner appointment at a members house last week with him..

Other then that we had 2 investigators in church. One being Veli Toni, and anothers whos name is Jenni. She is super cool, and willing to learn.  We have just been teaching so much, its been exhausting. Which is good. You then know your doing it right. 

Another cool experience. We were tracting the other night, we visited a mans door and he wasnt home. We were doing condos and they face each other. We were across from the one that we did that he wasnt home, and he suddenly came home. So I decided to go talk to him. he invited us in and said he was hoping we were here. He had seen us before, and he recognized our bikes parked outside. He is a alchoholic and needs help, so we were able to give him some help he greatly appreciated.  Addictions are a killer!  

Anyway! Other then that we have just been teaching a whole bunch. We have had several really good dinner appointments and some great investigators, members, and friends houses. One being over at these Iraqi guys house. I never thought I would come to love Iraqi people so much on my mission. they are just the best ever and there culture is so great.  They invited us over. It was super sweet, really good dinner. 

But other then that the work is progressing great here in Kajaani. The weather dropped and its been -12 degrees while riding bikes in the snow so that has been a challenge. But its all good. Anyway have a great week!

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