Monday, January 23, 2017

12/20/16: Baptismal date

Amazing week this week. We had our branch christmas party and it went very well.  One of our investigators was able to sing for our branch, and it went very well, and we had another investigator come with her 3 small children.  It was amazing. I also had the opportunity to give a talk in Church this week, also my companion did to. It was his first talk ever in finnish, and he did really well.  It has truly been quite amazing our investigator Sister Heikkinen. So, I was going through the area book and stumbled upon this name, and it really stuck out to me.  , she had been contacted on the street in march of 2015, given a bom, and never followed up with. Well, I decided to go visit her. We knocked and the door and with a huge smile she pulled us in the doorway and said she would love to meet. A little weirded out, we went back and taught her. Over a couple of lessons she then said that over the past year and a half a great change has happened. This past summer she has been listening to a lot of brandon flowers (mormon singer) and apparently this has really opened her heart to the spirit because she started reading from the bom before I even went to her house.

Well 2 lessons ago we invited her to be baptized. And she said she would pray about it, and the next lesson she came back to us with tears in her eyes and said she not only wants to but she knows she needs to.  Since then she has come to church with her little kids, the ward christmas party, and has told the whole ward that she is going to be baptized. She is literally the most happy outgoing mother ever, and she has 3 cute little kids. she sends us txts daily telling us how much she loves the bom.yesterday she sent us a text that for the rest of her life she is going to pray thanks to god for sending us to her door. Its AWESOME.  We did a lesson about temples this past week and she sent a text the next day saying she cant WAIT to go to the temple.  It has truly been a marvelous week and we have greatly seen the Lords hand in our work with her.  

Have a merry christmas!

Elder Ford

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