Monday, January 23, 2017


Well not to much to report this week. Our investigator Toni is progressing very well right now, he has been coming to church consistently, and he is also doing family history. He is optimistic about his baptism so kastotaan!  But anyway we are teaching the law of chastity today, so hopefully all will go well.. Anyway we also found a new investigator this week, her name is Jenni. She is super cool.  She is in athiest, but she is way open to discuss. We also had the opportunity to go on splits, one being with Elder Kontinen, he was in my first district when I got to Finland. Super great guy, he is going home this change!  Then I got to go on splits with Elder Rubinstein, he is from Melbourne Australia. Both super cool Elders. But other then that the work is doing well here. The 430 am bus rides are a killer. 

ALSO, good news is my recent convert in my last city proposed to his girlfriend and there getting married, probably around right as I go home!!! so they well be getting married in the temple sometime next year, but it was awesome!!!!


Elder Ford

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