Monday, January 23, 2017

11/15/16: Change week

Well we are nearing to my last change call coming up this thursday. My guess is I will be staying here in Kajaani (because this is my first change here) but we will see. So just to let you know this coming week my pday will probably be on monday.  Anyway. Great week. It went by super fast, I dont even know what happened. We have been blessed to teach a lot. Toni didnt get baptized, we didnt feel like he was ready yet, but we are still meeting with him so its all good. We also went up to Oulu and had splits with the Elders there. It went really well. It was super cold but we found some great people.  Jenni our investigator is also progressing well, she came to church this week and Family home evening on monday, and she has been following all of our commitments.  

Other than then well see what this final transfer brings.


Vanhin Ford

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