Monday, January 23, 2017


This is going to be short, I ran out of time this week. But its been a great week. Our investigators Jenni and Anne came to church with her 2 kids. It was awesome, and then we had an amazing lesson after with her about the plan of salvation.  They had an awesome time in church.

We have also been able to share the christmas message a lot , so that has been a great thing. 

Cool story this week. We asked our investigator Anne, for a referral. She referred her mom. Right after she did that and we left the lesson, she texts us an hour later and her mom had found a book of mormon on the street. Keep in mind she lives in a completely different city. But she commented to her daughter about it because she thought what a funny coincidence after her daughter had mentioned about us.

We also have been getting a lot of snow lately..

Have a wonderful week. ! 

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