Monday, January 23, 2017


Dear Family,

Great week this week. With it being new year we werent able to do the typical finding and so we made a bunch of cookies and did cookie tracting, in other words we went to our neighbors and gave them cookies. We even got a big box of chocolates from one of our neighbors because they were so appreciative of it. 

Our investigator Sister Heikkinen is doing so so so well. She is amazing. She is now living the word of wisdom, and is so excited to be baptized. She came to church with her 3 kids yesterday and she talked about how she never felt so close to all her kids at church. Our other investigator Jenni also came to church, and she told us after that she was fasting. The cool part with that is we only mentioned what fast sunday was to here but we didnt commit her to it, so she voluntary started doing it!

Other then that we got to see some fireworks on the new years. It was great to be spending the new years here. This week we are going down to do training for my companion in the mission home in helsinki. Everyone that is new here has to go down to the mission home for like 3 days of training. So this week were basically just down in Helsinki. However, apparently a super freeze is coming this week (its supposed to be like -34) from the siberian winds from the north, so were able to escape that at go to Helsinki, which is why I am emailing today because we have to take a 8 hour train down south. ​

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