Monday, January 23, 2017

11/21/16: Starting the last transfer

Hey all, so this week went really well, we managed to get the most member present lessons we have had this change, and thats after we dropped our main progressing investigator so the work continues to go forward:. one of our investigators Jenni came to church and also agreed to give a musical number in the christmas program. So that was pretty sweet, because she is a singer.  

But I got my last and final transfer doctorine... and I will be staying here in Kajaani and training for my last transfer which will be super great. Its great to be able to stay here because I love the branch here!!!  And it will be fun to train a new missionary. Vanhin Naylor and I have had a great transfer together, the work has gone really well here.

So the Pictures is my brother, Elder Kontinen. He is from Finland and he is going home in a few days. He was in my first district almost 2 years ago and I got to be in his district his last transfer.

The second is my really great friends Saif and Haidar, They are from iraq, they are my brothas, They are so great. We teach them English every week.

The 3rd is my other favorite fin, veli Komulainen. He served here in Finland a year ago, and he is the first counsilor here in Kajanni


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