Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I'm famous! The Lords hand in the Work 22/9/2015

So sorry I am running out of time emailing, even my 101 words per minute cant make up for the time. This week has been insane. Right now we have 13 investigators were teaching, and we could have 3 more new investigators by tonight. However, we will probably be dropping some by the end of the week. But we are always busy, busy busy.  We also got our Less active in our area to come to church this week, she is a super sweet single mother of 6. She brought all of her kids and it was wonderful and then last night we had Family Home evening with her. If you think controlling a family home evening back in America is hard, try it with 6 kids screaming in Finnish haha! But we did a really cool analogy with a rubix cube which helped keep the kids focused. we had another lesson who was a less active we reactivated. But this week we found 5 new investigators, each with a wonderful story on how we found them. The coolest is a guy, he is from India, and converted to christianity 10 years ago. We foudn him after having a really good dinner appointment with a Sister who is from China, but came here to Finland for college, got baptized here, served a mission in California and just got back. She is so cool. But we found her after leaving the Chinese restaurant.  The work right now is going really great! The hard part right now is meeting with all of our investigators consistently. Its really hard for them to meet more then 1 or 2 times a week, but our teaching pool is so big right now that we still have a ton of lessons. The Lord has truly blessed our efforts, and whats more exciting is general conference is coming up! 

Also another funny thing happened. We were teaching our famous investigator in the park, turns out the paparazzi found us and he called us up last night telling us that we were in the Finnish magazine with him. He was so mad it was hilarious. They blurred me and my companions face, but pretty funny stuff.

The pic: The article in the Tabloid about us. Basically what its talking about is two young dressed handsome (yes they said handsome) mormons are converting him. Haha! Funny stuff.  

The other pic: We do a foreigner food challenge once a week and have to try something new, and we were also mixing a ton of sodas together to see what it tasted like. Banana soda is super gross.

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Displaying SAM_4964.JPG

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