Tuesday, September 15, 2015

14/9/15 Me olemme Jumalan lapset‏

Tervetuus taas!

This week has been crazy! Last week we had 5 people coming to church but unfortunately 4 of them dropped, but we still got a Less active Veli Palonen, and our investigator Mikael to come which was really great!  This week the coolest thing happened! A while back my last companion Elder Smith and I were walking to go Email when all of the sudden a man calls us over asking us to tell him about joe smith.  He was sitting outside drinking and wanted some company. We told him about Joseph Smith, and we asked if we could have his number, but he said that he was to popular and that his number cant just be given out.  So he gave us his address. A little while later we tried to get into his building but it was locked, so we just dropped him. A week later I was walking down the street with my new companion Elder Broadhead and we see him again, and he asked if we could bring him a Book of Mormon. So we did just that, and I told him about Institute held every Wednesday at the church building! Well, turns out he decided to show up randomly telling us how much he loved the book and wants to know more. While were teaching him we keep getting a lot of weird looks from the YSA, and when he leaves they start freaking out asking us if they knew he that was. I had no idea how famous he really is, but he is a huge celeb here in Finland, and around the world and has been touring worldwide in his band for 37 years!He plays in the band Hanoi rocks and Iggy Pop. I wish I could tell his name, but Finnish law prohibits me tell it because this is being posted up on my blog:( But, he is almost done reading the book of mormon and he said hes going to start it over next week. haha, he also invited us on his private boat and said he would take us to Israel when hes going in a couple of months, and get us back stage passes to his upcoming concert in helsinki. Yay for missionary rules!!!, but its all good. Pretty crazy stuff! Hes doing so amazing.

We also picked up some other investigators this week. All of them are doing great, we have a teaching pool of 8 right now so things are really busy. We also got to meet with a Less active single mom who has 6 kids and committed her to come back to church. She is an amazing lady!  But this week has been awesome with many miracles!!  

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The pics are of a roman orthodox church in Helsinki, and this is what Me and my companion make everyday for lunch haha. its super cheap and easy to make!! 


Elder Ford 

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