Tuesday, December 1, 2015

1st of December

Wow, cant believe how fast time flies out here on the mission! Cant believe it is already December. So down in Helsinki we got our first snow, but it melted so not a big woop. The depressing this is that is that the sun goes down at 3 pm now haha, so you think its time to go in for  dinner, but its all lies.  Many of the finns are to big on the sun going down either I have found haha. 

But this week was super good. We found 3 new investigators, one being this cool girl who is a Jehovah Witness, but she is super open about religions and truth. 
I dont know if I am just attracted to Singers or what, because right now I am teaching another well known DJ in Finland haha, which would bump my singer investigator list up now to 3.  But hes really cool, he kind of looks like Ludacris.  

Funny story, this week we didnt have any Dinner appointments set up with anyone for thanksgiving, because obviously there are not that many americans here, and not many people will celebrate thanksgiving, so we decided to go to Mcdonalds to celebrate.  When we walked in they needed some people to do a taste test for there new burger and so we got to have this secret burger not on the menu, and got it for free and got free Big mac combos. Pretty big stuff when your a missionary. Free food is everything. Its either fight or starve our here.  But the burger was really good, and I had to fill this survey out in Finnish which was pretty ridiculously hard haha.  So yes. Mcdonalds did give a Dinner Appointment for thanksgiving.  

But if you havent seen it already the church rolled out a new video on Christmas.Mormon.org, its called #asaviorisborn, or in finnish #vapahtajasyntynyt. But me and my companion are coming up with some clever Christmas contact approaches which should be fun:)  But go check it out if you havent seen it.  

But thanks for all the love everyone! 

Elder Ford

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