Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hyvä Joulu, Vapahtajasyntynyt Elder Ford

Hey everyone!

So we have had a pretty slow week but it popped up in the end. My companion keeps getting sick so its been kind of a half finding, half recovering process.  But we found some cool people this week, which was sweet.  First we found this old guy named Riisto. He is like some 75 year old guy. So apparently the building people have failed to give him a room key to his apartment for over a year now, because a year ago the buildings locked were replaced. And somebody stole his phone. So basically what he has to do, is he props his door open very slightly, runs to the store as fast as his old man legs can carry him, runs back and hopes his door isnt shut on him haha. Basically right now some construction guys are redoing his bathroom and accidently cut his power, so he just sits in his room in the dark. No family, to tv, nothing. He has a Book of Mormon now though. So we had a lesson yesterday with him and it went good, it was in the dark, but all good, he said he would read and pray about the Book of Mormon.

We also found this real cool dude with some of the sweetest dreads locks I have seen inviting us back. He asked "oletteko mormoneita", which means are you mormons, and then we said yea we are. And he said "olette jo tervetuloa"! Which means you are always welcome! So hopefully that goes well.

Also, my investigator that me and my old companion found in my last area got baptized! So happy for him, he has changed so much over the course of us teaching him. I left the area right before he got baptized. he wanted me to baptize him, but since I was to far away I couldnt. But so glad for him.  

Anyway Im going to the temple for pday today so I dont have a lot of time!

PS: the Post office is off strike now so letters and packages are a GO.  
PSS: sorry I have kept forgetting to take pictures recently.

Thanks everyone for all the love!


Elder Ford

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