Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Transfers, Training

Hey, sorry I dont have a lot of time to write again, because this week is transfers week, and I am rerouting missionaries through the trainstations. I am going to be training, his name is Elder Minson, I am staying here in Tikkurila, which is good cause I really love the ward here.. Going to be a lot of fun!  We also have a new area opened to us to work in, and there are a TON of open apartments down there so thats exciting.  Also fun fact, its been getting so cold lately, I was walking home the other night and one of my eyelids froze shut when I went to blink. Sooooo yea. Been pretty cold. Anyway hope everyone has an amazing week!


Elder Ford

Finnish Tounge Twister of the week:

Kokko, kokkoo kokkoo koko kokko! - Koko kokkoko? - Koko kokko. Kokkookko? 
Kokko (a surname), gather up the whole bonfire! - The entire bonfire? - The entire bonfire. Now will you gather it up?

Fun fact, this was in the movie UP!

The pictures include 

Playing floor hockey with my man Juha Koponen, a true finnish sauna house, and eating out to chinese with my favorite senior couple in the world aka my adopted grandparents the Brazers.

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