Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Wow this week has been crazy!!!  So Elder Minson is a boss and we have been working really hard this week. Training is pretty fun to say the least. But he works really hard and is a great Elder. From Wednesday to Saturday we got to hand out 26 book of Mormons so that was definately a blessing and we met a ton of cool new potentials. We also started teaching this family who has 6 kids, and already lives the Word of Wisdom and we got to have an awesome family home evening with them yesterday!! Super great!  I made oatmeal cookies for it and I lured all the kids in the living room to play a game and it was super fun!  Also, since learning to do the rubix cube out here I did an object lesson with everybody with it, where I solve the rubix cube for everyone and from there explain how it can represent how crazy out lives get sometimes, but with (mormon 5:23)  we are in the hands of god and he will help us get back to being solved.  But they loved it..

We also had the chance to go to the hospital and give this man named Veli San Miguel a blessing. Needless to say his apendix burst so we went with a member in our ward to give him a blessing. He was in Really bad shape, but tommorrow he is returning home and he said the blessing really helped him so that was definately great to see.  

We also had the chance to set a baptisimal date with this man named Korsa. He is a former Muslim, but he has been reading the Bible everyday. Its for the Feb 20th, so hopefully all goes well with that.  

hahaha. and this is what basically all finnish babies look like here because its so cold. So cute..

Hope everyone has a great week!!!

Also, in my personal study in John 15:1 where it talks about how Jesus Christ is the tree and we are the vine, I was thinking about how if we are not getting daily nutriment from the tree and roots the vine dies. It doesnt die instantly but it becomes weaker and dies. The same is with us, god and Jesus Christ is always there, it is we who turn away from god and become comfortable with sin. Probably my favorite word in Finnish is Tehdä Parranus, where it literally means to do improvement. (its the finnish word for repentance) repentance isnt mean to defeat us because we did something wrong, its only there so we can do improvement. I dont see who wouldnt want to improve in life, for improvement is happiness. Thats what makes the plan of happiness so, its improvement, eternal progression. Daily scripture study, daily prayer, church attendance, temple, and service. The formula isnt hard, just like gods word is easy. Its we who complicate our own success formulas. Food for thought

Have a mahtava week.

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