Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hyvä uutta vuotta Happy New Year's!

Sorry Dont have a lot of time to meet this week since with transfers coming up and President is interviewing everyone. But really great week, we have been working hard finding but with the holidays everyone has been so busy so know one has had time to be meet. But good news is President just appoved a new area for us to work in which is a really awesome area so a lot of good things should be happening there!  Weird passing my year mark, time goes by fassssssstttttt, but hope everyone is doing great with the new year. One note I might add that I was learning from my personal studies is that I have been studying apostasy periods and if you look over history everytime that the priesthood is here on the earth innovation, and human advancement explode. All the way back even during Jeesuksen time here on the earth.  Then of course when it was brought back to the earth during the time of Joseph Smith, technology and human advancement has just EXPLODED. Coincidence? I think not...

But last Saturday, also went on splits with Elder Edwards, he is in my MTC group so we celebrated together. Went and ate some chinese food, good stuff, all you could eat Deep fried sushi.

But with the start of the new year we have been able to meet call back people and set up lessons so hopefully everything goes well.  Happy new years.

Elder Ford

Also, it has gotten really cold here recently, -20 c, and dropping!  

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