Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hyvä Joulu ja Onnellista uutta vuotta, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas to everyone, it was definately a great one for sure.  On Wednesday we met a lot of cool people tracting and met this really cool girl from india sitting on a park bench and night and showed her the Christmas video and she said that was exactly what she needed.  We have a return appointment with her set up today so hopefully all goes well. As far as christmas we got LOADS of chocolate from the ward, I am now officially sick of Chocolate. For christmas eve we spent it at the Kalaava Family which was soooo fun. They fed us really good food and they all gave us chocolate and flashlights with our name engraved into it. It was sooo nice of them, and there little kids are sooo funny. We reenacted the Wise man and nativity scene with them, and I have to say its the first time I have ever been attacked by an angel.  I also got to speak in sacrament this week which went really good. I used a flash light analogy for my talk, but I forgot the word for flashlight in Finnish, so I just used the word light pillar haha.  But it worked.  Other then that it was great to see the fam, all looking mighty old (hint,hint dad).

Happy New year to everyone!!!

Elder Ford 

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