Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 24th 2015

Terve minun perheni ja ystavani. Olen kiitollinen siita etta minun perheni, hyvä ystavani, elävä profetta, Jeesuksen Kristuksen Sovitus, ja kaikkia han on antanut minulle.  

Hello, My friends and family. I am thankful for my family, my good friends, living prophet, Jesus Christs atonement, and all that he has given for me. Happy thanksgiving week to my friends and family back home!

This week has been really good.  We had a zone conference and there I overheard 2 elders  who gave out 60 book of mormons in a week, and so this week Elder Hansen and I are going to try to give out 60, so that should be fun.  Yesterday we got to give out 7, and we met a ton of cool people. We had a really good lesson with this guy that we tracted into and he is literally the perfect mormon setup family haha.  We showed the Because of Him video, and the Family video on beta.mormon.org.  If you havent visited that website you should.  Really good.  Anyway, we have had a ton of new potentials, we have been finding machines. Right now we have 7 lessons set up, and last week we didnt have any so its progress. Not much has happened besides that then finding. We also had Stake Conference which was really great. My President spoke at it, he still has his Finnish pretty good.  But it was a great stake conference and I got to see many friends from the Neitsytpolku ward. Flippin sweet.  We have been doing this new tracting approach I have been sculpting over the past few changes, its basically we give a Survey, and it works suuupppeeerr well. I have had countless investigators because of it.  

So I have been really pondering how Gods plan is set up and the psychology behind a lot of it lately, and when you get to the mechanics of Gods plan it truly is amazing.  The way the Gospel is set up, not only gives us an eternal prospective and hope, but it also allows us to be the very best we can be in a temporal sense, and reach our full potentials now. I have learned so much over my mission. Its really nice now because now I am to the point where I can understand most everything that people say to me in Finnish instead of struggling to follow along. Its weird seeing myself back in the MTC where finnish and chinese could have sounded the same, but now its just like there speaking English to me.  Anyway, the atonement is amazing, this gospel is amazing, and it transforms our lives.

Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving week, takes advantage of everyday that has been given them and have a wonderful week.

Also Fun fact the estimated cost of solving the world hunger problem is $195,000,000,000.
So the cost to end world hunger each month would be $16,250,000,000.
If 20% of the world population donated 13.54 dollars, and gave it to fast offerings the worlds hunger problem would be solved.


Vanhin Ford.

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