Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Really Solid week this week!  Going to the Helsinki Temple was really great and doing endowments was awesome, the temple is so beautiful here.  

So Urs set baptism is this week. Were running into a few issues so pray that everything goes well! The whole ward knows about it, and hes going great for it, but of course when people are about to go to baptism the adversary works hard on them.  He is doing so great, he came to church last week and some of his insights in the Book of Mormon are so deep!  Jean Louis is going to get baptized in November. We had to push his date back not because of testimony issues but some Visa issues hes running into and he wants more time to prepare. He said though his goal is to get married in the temple which is what all of our goals should be. But this past week we got three of our investigators to church which was great. Were in the biggest ward in Finland with about 150-175 come every week, and it gets SO full.  So its hard keeping track of everyone.  

Another really cool thing happened this week. I got to give one of my investigators a priesthood blessing of comfort because right now hes going through a REALLY hard time so that was really great to do. You could really feel a peace come over the room, it was really great. We also found a new investigator this week. Her name is Olga and we tracted into her using a tracting method I call the survey tracting. Basically you just do a survey of 8 questions about the gospel and she said she wanted to learn more about the pelastussunnitelma, or the plan of salvation. Another great blessing is I have really felt my ability to speak and understand finnish go up this transfer, and I am able to much more easily and fluently speak which has been a great answer to my prayers.  

Thanks for the prayers, love, and support!


Elder Ford

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