Tuesday, December 1, 2015

3/11/2015 Ups and Downs

Well this week definitely had its ups and downs. Unfortunately our investigator Urs baptism didnt go through. He felt like he wasnt ready yet even though he was pretty confident before so that was kinda of a bum. BUT, this week we also did find a new investigator. His name is Tilson, and he is a rapper that grew up here. He is SOO cool.. He has a baptisimal date of November 28th, and he says that he believes the Book of Mormon to be true and he feels gods love and light from it. His rapper name is Toinen Kadunpoika, which basically means another kid from the street. You can find him on wikipedia. He is SO cool, I have never heard any finnish rap, or any finnish music I have liked except  his. He has it bumpin. But he says he wants to be baptized sooner then the 28th so well see how things go. So even with the slump of our investigator the Lord has continued to bless us for our work.  So kinda funny that I keep running into all these music artists and getting the opportunity to teach them. Also I havent been teaching Andy cause right now hes in Australia Touring so havent been able to get in contact with him.    Also Jean Louis baptisimal date is now for November 21st and hes feeling really good about that.  

But Halloween was really good. We got to go with our investigator to a cool Halloween display and I got a genuine fur hat which is so warm at a yard sale thing they call kirpis here for 10 euros. Normally its 150 euros. Its made in Finland. No china crap.  SO WARM. except it looks like there is road kill on my head.  

Elder Ford

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