Tuesday, December 1, 2015

6 October 2015

So it got a lot colder this week. A LOT. It kinda stinks, but hey, what mother nature wants to do it wants to do.  Wow, Conference was so great, there were a lot of great talks and calling of 3 new apostles! Not going to lie, I was hoping that one of the new apostles was going to be black, but o well. Also, keep praying for President Thomas S Monson, not going to lie, he wasnt looking to hot and in the morning session of general conference he looked like he was going to pass out. But our prophet and all the great apostles and seventies had great talks. I especially liked President Uchtdorf talk about the Simplicity of the Gospel. Living this simple and beautiful gospel really is the key to happiness and overcoming heartaches and pains!  Its how we reach our highest potential. I had a lesson with my Investigator Urs a couple days ago, and was explaining how the gospel is a way for all of us to reach our highest potential. Its the secret to eternal life, and its so plain and precious for all of us to live by.  Whats even better is we had 3 investigators come to conference. Saturday session we had our investigator Juha drive us and another one of our new investigators to the conference, and then Sunday we had a man named George come to the sunday conference. They really loved it!

Also this week we were able to find a new investigator whos name is John Louis! He is from Guadalupe, which is an American owned colony in the Caribbean! He is a really cool guy!!! We have already had several lessons with him and he has a baptismal date of October 31st. He said after conference he cried because loved it so much, and after that he gets a call from his 10 year old daughter who lives in France, and apparently she has been investigating the church with her mother and has been going to Church and really loving it. So that was insanely awesome.  Hes doing really good. 

We havent been able to meet with our other investigator Urs because he has been in Germany teaching people how to fly space ships. So if that isnt cool enough, I dont know what is. But we were able to locate Chapels in Berlin that he could watch conference at.  All of our other investigators are doing great, some are hard to meet with, but we continue to find and find a lot of success!  Thanks for all the love and letters from home, and I hope everyone was able to apply things from conference because they give us the spiritual nourishment we need for the upcoming 6 months!


Elder Ford

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