Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Crazy week this week. Vanhin Broadhead and I have been so busy its been crazy. This week we had 17 member present lessons it has been crazy trying to organize it all. The most member presents in this area for any set of companionships has been 8 haha.   Both of our investigators who are getting baptized in the next 2 weeks are both doing very, very well. Urs is planning on getting baptized on the October 24th, and then we have another baptism the next week, his name is Jean Louis. We have been meeting with them both regularly and the transformation I have seen in both of them is amazing. Urs our astrophysicist investigator recently got back from a trip in Germany because he was teaching people how to fly space ships, but he got to watch General conference on his phone on the plane.We also got to have a 2 Dinner appointments for Jean Louis and Urs over at Members homes. We first had a Dinner over at a members house, there the Goodrich family. There both from Utah, but they work here for a government contracting company. There SUPER cool. Then we had another dinner over at Sister Yu*s house. She is a super cool girl from China who was baptized 5 years ago, served a mission in california and is now going to school here. She has a super strong testimony.  

Other then that we have been super busy teaching all of our other investigators. The ward here in Neitsytpolku is really awesome and has really stepped up big time helping coming to lessons and fellowshipping.  Funny story. We met this guy on the street last week who was the south african ambassador for Finland, and he didnt want us coming to his home so we just went to the south african embassy. We then taught him there and gave the Book of Mormon to all the other workers there so we ended up handing out like 5 Book of Mormons and everyone was really excited to read it. 

Also there has been a lot of protests in Finland because there are so many immigrants fleeing to Finland because of all the unrest in the middle east and people arent happy about it.  

But the Lord has really blessed our efforts in this area, we have been able to Find people on our way to teaching lessons so Im really grateful for that.  


Elder Ford

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