Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Transfer calls this week!!

Hey everyone!!
Great week this week!!  Crazy to think that transfer calls are happening this week, I cant believe how fast this second transfer has gone by! Vanhin Bascom is going home in 9 days!! Crazy, but I have learned so much from him and am so thankful for the opportunity to serve with him!!   For those of you that dont know, in Finland we do 9 week transfers instead of the normal 6. So crazy stuff.  This week we found this cool girl from China who says shes super interested in religions and for some reason christianity just draws her.  We had been tracting an old investigator and I decided to knock this random door when we were walking out. Right as I knocked on it the door knob turned and out came this Chinese girl giving her a heart attack haha!!  But she is very interested so were excited to begin teaching her! Yesterday we also found this old investigator in the area book that we decided to call, and he said we could come and teach him more! So after we had a DA at this awesome ward family we went over to his place and we had a great teach getting to know him, and testifing about the truthfullness of the Book of Mormon. He believes in God, but hes not quite sure why he actually needs God.  That brought me thinking, why do we need God. Obviously there are multiple reasons, but do we each have our own personal meaning to that in our own testimonies and conversions? Just food for thought!  
We also found this REAL cool graffitti wall, and we met this really cool guy who was doing some spraypainting! He is super cool! He just finished medical school here in Finland, and is a doctor, but decided he wanted to start going to art school because hes interested in that to! You can do that in Finland with the free college haha... Im actually quite suprised to see how many americans come here for the free education. There is an american lady in our ward who comes here for school! Shes super cool!!  
One of our coolest investigators also set up this firestation tour which was super cool!! Jyväskylä has this brand new firestation with all sorts of top of the line equipment. However, I was lost most of the time in the tour because I have no idea medical and firefighter terms in Finnish haha..  But super cool none the less!!!  
This week I have been studying a lot on the atonement and the amazing power it is, both through cleansing, and the enabling power. It really is a lifelong pursuit of learning. But the three main points that I try to focus on is the cleanings, the healing, and the sanctifing. All equally important and I testify that each one of us can feel that no matter where we are in life if we have Faith in Jesus Christ and try our best. 
Vanhin Ford

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