Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summmmeeerr is here in Finland!!‏

Hey everyone! Been a really solid week with a lot of cool things happening!  So the Green family thats from America moved back to america for the summer unfortunately which makes me really sad because they were such a cool and nice family! The husband actually coaches professional teams in the League of Legends game, and gets paid a lot to do it! So cool, he is a sports psychologist.  But there a really nice family that has lived in Finland for the past 5 years. The wife went to Harvard back home, so both of them are really smart! Im going to miss them for sure.  
Another one of our investigators is from Kenya, and unfortunately this week we found out that there was an accident back in Kenya and his brother got his legs amputated, so hes been sad about that. So me and my companion brought over some cookies to liven his spirits up! Nutella brownie cookies! Sooo good! Really fun to talk to him about all the stories he has in Kenya, including one time he got scammed out of 800 euros over a 3 week scam period, crazy story.  We also met this full hippie man, as he referred to himself as, that told us how he was once in a reggae band and toured all over south america.  He then went and lived in the Finnish wilderness for 5 years. He was a real cool guy though, and he looked into my eyes and said that I have much happiness and opportunity in me haha!  
We also got to go to the Stake President sons graduation party this week, which was really cool! He is such a cool kid, and hes going to be a future missionary.  This is the same son and stake president that came and visited you at our house Dad!  There really really cool.  

We also got to teach a class about missionary work in church this week. There was a Finnish sister that got home from the Temple square mission and she got to bear a really cool testimony! 
Found Jack sparrow binoculars

Vanhin Ford

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