Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekly Email, Happy Memorial Day!!‏

Hey everybody!!! Solid week this week, we got to teach this new Investigator from Nepal that we found on the bus! His family is still living in Nepal and they were actually hit by the earthquake. His home back home is too damaged for his family to live in, so right now there trying to look for temporal housing.  I told him about how the Church is already giving relief there and told him to tell his family to look for our church! Its amazing how fast the church can respond to disasters, many many countries just know the church for there amazing help.  But pray for the people in Nepal!!  Anyway he is a great guy.  A lot of great things are going to be happening this upcoming week! My companion and I have come up with a lot of great contacting ideas that will hopefully get some results!! The summer is out now in Finland, and so the weather is super beautiful, so everybody is out now on the streets. Its super weird, the sun doesnt go down till about Midnight now, and then it raises at 5am, so we had to put a black sheet over the window just so that we can sleep haha.  

One of the pictures is of this Locomotive that my Friend Riku showed us!! He is super cool, one of my great friends Ive met in Finland. He is probably the best english speaker in a 50 km round up of here.  Its a super old locomotive train that was built in the 1920s.  Smells so vintage haha. 
But great things are happening in Finland the work is definately being moved forward here for sure! Its an honor to be apart of it all.  The Finnish is definately getting better, and Im blessed! In Jyväskylä the Finnish is super pure and clear, and in many other parts of Finland there is an accent, just like the US.
Im so thankful for a mission and all the blessings it brings! I hope everything is going great back at home!
One of my favorite quotes!  "All that we suffer, and all that we endure, especially when we endure patiently, builds our characters, purifies our hearts, expands our souls, makes us more tender and charitable, more worthy"

Love everyone!!
Vanhin Ford

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