Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekly Letter!‏

Hey Everybody!!!
Hey Everybody!!! super fast week, that is for sure! So I met this really cool family this past week. Vanhin Bascum was looking around in the area book and found this family from America! We called and they were more then happy for us to come over so we headed on over. They are such a cool couple! They have lived everywhere it seems like and they know Japanese. The scary part is he said that japanse is wayyyy easier to learn then Finnish haha.. Kind of a scary thought, but I guess its different for everyone. He is also a coach for the game League of Legends haha, and he gets paid to coach people. 
 Sometimes its super weird trying to remember happened the past week, because time on a mission kind of morphs together. Its super weird.  
Our investigator from china is leaving finland for an internship which kind of stinks, because she was progressing well, but were going to pass her information on so she can keep being taught.  She was a really cool person and I have learned a lot from her.
But this past week we had a Zone meeting which was really cool, talked and learned a lot about how important " the how to begin teaching" in the PMG is.
Other then than this week went by super quickly!! Great week! 
The below picture is a view from a watch tower in Jyväskylä!!

Vanhin Ford

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