Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Finally can take off the suit coat!! Elder Ford‏

Hey everyone! Solid week this week!!  Things are going good in Jyväskylä!! The summer has also officially begun here to! One thing I found out in Finland when the summer rolls around that for some reason everybody abandons the cities and move to there summer cottages or what there called here in Finland is "mökki". There are so many lakes in Finland, basically everybody has a summer cottage that they escape to haha.  So here in Jyväskylä it has really emptied out, and most of the college students have gone back to there home countries. However, one of our investigators who is from Kenya made us this HUGE kenyan meal last sunday. It was soooooooo good.  He is such a cool guy and has said he was going to read half of the BOM by the end of this week so hopefully that happens!  But he has some funny stories from back in Kenya, like the time he was lured into this fake get rich quick scheme, that involved over a month worth of the robber slowly stealing money! Super cool story.
We also found this new investigator which Im pretty happy about. He had been investigating the church some months back but got dropped, but he contacted us again and we had a really cool lesson with him!! He seems really excited and really wants to know if this is the true church or not!!!  Super cool!!!  Love it!  

Other then that we have a zone conference coming up this week which is super good!! Last sunday a multistake broadcast happened, which was basically 58 stakes across the northern europe area, and scandanavia was broadcasted.  Elder Holland was the man speaker, and of course he delivered a VERY powerful testimony. Everytime Elder Holland gets up to speak, you have to buckle yourself into your seat or you will literally be blown out of your seat haha.  
Also, found out a really cool stat this week which really reastablishes why member referrals are so important. The church did a study out of a 1000 member referrals and found out that if a member brings there friend and introduces them to the church they have a 665/1000 chance of getting baptized.  Thats 66%!!!! Just remember, everyone is a missionary!!
Vanhin Ford.  

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