Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Johannus Paiva!! Elder Ford.‏

Hey everyone!!! 

Crazy week this week!! So the total count of Book of mormons we handed out last week was 40!! Thats a huge jump from the daily goal we had before of 1 a day haha..  It helped though because last monday the Zone leaders did splits with us and we handed out 22 that day. But last Wednesday we handed out 10 when we went on splits with the other Elders in our District. One of the Elders is Elder Monterrosso, who I was in the MTC with, and Elder Kontinen, who has been in my district since I got here and is a native Fin. Super fun day! We also met a lot of potentials this week. One family we met was this African family from Rwanda. The super hard part is here in Finland we meet a lot of refuges, but many of them speak very little finnish, no english, and they speak some sort of African Dialect that the book of mormon is not in so it makes it difficult haha. Same with burmese families in Finland, we were teaching a couple, but the book of mormon isnt in Burmese yet(even though I heard its being translated into Burmese in the MTC) but it isnt out yet.  But we have been talking with everyone, it has been great.  
This week was this week called Johannus paiva, or mid summer day. So basically its this holiday, where everyone abandons the city and goes to there summer cottages and chill there, so basically in Jyväskylä, its a ghost town.  But last weekend the three longest days in Finland happened, so basically the sun never set, AT ALL. super weird sometimes, but it can be kind of nice! But the stake president (the same stake president that visited you in Utah dad) invited us over for dinner that day. We couldnt do any work that day, it was a "red" day.    
Are investigator has been progressing good from Kenya. Hes reading on his own now from the Book of Mormon which is good. Other then then we are finding, finding, finding!!  

Vanhin Ford.  
PS the picture is of the summer flowers here, and the other picture is we are at a summer barbeque with one of our friends!!

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