Thursday, June 2, 2016


Wonderful week this week! So a really cool story. At the beginning of my time here in Tikkurila, I was looking in deep in the old potentials list and came across a lady named barbara, who was found a year previous but for some reason was never contacted. I gave her a call, and we set up an appointment. This was last december. Something happened and she had to cancel the appointment, I tried setting up another a little later, and she said she looked at the Book of Mormon and was not interested anymore, and didnt want to meet, but then I asked if we could just share a message about christ, and she agreed, but then family came over during that holiday season and she couldnt meet with us. I later texted her back asking if we could reschedule, but she never texted me back. 

Over these 2 changes for some reason she has been in the back of my mind, that we should go visit her, and I kind of just kept pushing it to the back of my mind.  Finally, this past week we had some free time one afternoon after a lesson and we went over to her apartment. The door was locked and I said a prayer that someone would come out, and right as I said amen, somebody walked out of the apartment and we were able to go in.  We knocked on her door and she invited us right in, and we were able to have a lesson with her and her son. She is a wonderful lady and now she has a baptisimal date for April 16th, and she is really pushing towards it! We had an amazing lesson last night with Bishop and his wife, and it went amazing, except for the chair I was sitting on broke in the middle of the lesson and I fell flat on the ground:) Gained a few pounds since I have been out here:) Just kidding, it was just a crappy chair.  But it was a tri´lingual lesson haha. Bishops wife is a swedish finn, and Barbara is to, so the lesson was spoken in Swedish,finnish,and english. Its crazy how much one can understand swedish if they know english. But the spirit was very strong, and Barbara even thanked in her prayer for sending us and bishop to her door. It went great! Also, in sacrament meeting last sunday I had the impression to text this member that I am friends with in my last area. I texted to them a scripture and some words I felt impressed to share and I got a text back the next morning, saying that it was exactly what they needed to hear and was an answer to there prayers. So the lesson is, dont ever not follow a prompting, even if it is just an idea in your mind. That was something valuable I even learned before my mission, even leading me to volunteer at a wonderful group for african kids who i am friends with still today. So you never know where God will lead you, and whos life you can bless by following simple promptings.

We were also able to have several other lessons with a couple of our other baptismal investigators and everyone is good. We had to drop one of our baptisimal dates, Fannu, she is not sure if she needs to continue coming to church, but she had the wonderful idea to pray about it and ask god herself.  

Also, the new easter initiative is out soon, its called Halleujah. Check it out! its really great.  

how to reach true compy unity! #compbrolock

this upcoming week is tranfer week. Im thinking ill be transfered but now sure. It will be sad to go, because my companions, the Lord and me have built this area from 0 to 4 baptisimal dates. But whatever the Lord needs, Ill go.

Elder Ford

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