Thursday, June 2, 2016

2/9/16: Vanhin Ford

So right now I am sitting in the library shivering because I have chills and I am developing a fever I think haha, So after this email I am going home and getting some rest, and hopefully I will be good enough to go out tonight and have a lesson we have, especially since I have never missed a day of missionary work for being sick:)

But anywho, it has been a really good week.  Vanhin Minson and I got to hand out 39 Book of Mormons, and got 15 new potentials, some of them really solid! We also have been meeting with this younger mom with a 7 year old kid who we set a baptisimal date this week with. Her name is Fannu, shes finnish, and she is really cool! She has a lot of really cool stories!!  But the date is March 12th. We also had a really great lesson with a new investigator named Elina. Lots of potential with her!  Really cool story with the man in the picture. Basically it would take forever to type out. But I met him my first week in Finland, and I have been chasing him ever since, meeting him randomly in many different cities after losing contact.  Crazy stuff.  But now were teaching him again.  

But, if you havent seen them already, watch the 12 steps to change, the addiction program the church came out with. Very powerful stuff.  

One thing I have definately learned on my mission is from the following quote.

The most fundamental of all human searches is for happiness.We each choose our own happiness. As President Harold B.Lee once said: “Happiness does not depend on what happens outsidof you but on what happens inside of you. It is measured bthe spirit with which you meet the problems of life.” 9  It will often be necessary for all of us to choose between having good time and leading good life.


Elder Ford

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