Thursday, June 2, 2016

2/16/16: The Lords Feast

Ha, so we had a funny story happen to us this week.  Me and elder mins were tracting,  and we were getting kind of hungry because it was late. We get on this floor and it smells really good. Salmon soup is in the air. So I turn to him right before the door opens and I say to him kind of joking, when this dude opens up, ask him if we can come in and eat some of his food.  We knock, and on the other side of the door a guy asks if we are Jehovah witnesses (most people in Finland DO NOT LIKE jehovah witnesses.  We say no, were mormons. He opens up, and right then then he asks "onko sinulla nakea" which basically means in a rough translation is on you a hunger, or are you hungry. When he first said that it kind of shocked me, but I was just kind of like, well yea I am!  He then says come on in!! me and my companion were speechless, and we walk in and he feeds us this delicious salmon soup!  He didnt take a book of mormon in the end, but we got his phone number so were going back.  

Put yesterday we had a super strong amazing lesson with our investigator Elina. She has a ton of cool stories, but basically she had a rare cancer only 2 people in Finlands history have had, but she overcame it through gods help. She now has a baptisimal date of March 26th. It was such a great spirit filled lesson. 

Last week I got sick for 2 days, stupid flu going around but im all better now.  

We got to have 3 Dinner appointments last week to which in finland is INSANE haha. I have never had that many in my whole life. My average is about once a month. It was soo fun! That members in this ward are amazing!!!  

This week I have been studying the apostasy quite a bit, and its really amazing if you line up historical facts that you can kind of get an idea why God chose 1820 as the restoration date. If I could I would plaster all my notes up here, but it would take to long.

But great week! Im having a blast, and the sun doesnt set until 5 o clock now! So weird when it was setting at 2:30 before!!! spring is coming!!!


Elder Ford

Whenever people ask me how I feel on the mission, the art on the wall is how I respond to them.  

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